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recast / переделка, переработка, придание новой формы
имя существительное
alteration, remake, adaptation, recast, rearrangement, arrangement
conversion, elaboration, recast
придание новой формы
alter, rework, remake, remodel, redo, recast
rebuild, reconstruct, rearrange, reform, realign, recast
отливать заново
give (a metal object) a different form by melting it down and reshaping it.
This metal would be recast into additional cannon.
allocate the parts in (a play or film) to different actors.
there were moves to recast the play
Before his present comical manoeuvrings, he had made a series of thoughtful speeches on how Britishness could be recast for modern times, an issue of importance to unionists in every part of the UK.
The Algerian experience led the French government to recast its African presence in terms of a new political role.
Indeed, her loyalty is soon recast as selfless martyrdom.
Yeah, 2 central parts were recast in mid-shooting.
there were moves to recast the play
Kaplan had the script rewritten, recast a couple of the lead roles, and scrapped everything his predecessor had shot.
This metal would be recast into additional cannon.
She refused to appear, and Williams was left to recast the part.
The enthusiastic response convinced the Milanese Opera Board to recast La Scala as a classical company of international stature.
The key factor is how Iran and Russia transform their economies and recast their political orientations under the pressure of increasing globalization and economic interdependence.