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recapture / отбить, снова захватить, брать обратно
fight off, recapture
снова захватить
брать обратно
take back, retrieve, recapture, recall, resume
имя существительное
взятие обратно
захват вновь
поимка беглеца
имя существительное
an act of recapturing.
Fierce fighting was reported during the recapture of the television station but the radio station was apparently given up without a struggle, with the dissidents fleeing.
capture (a person or animal that has escaped).
armed police have recaptured a prisoner who's been on the run for five days
Major Hilary Evans was a prisoner of war escapee, who lived rough in Italy's hills and mountains to avoid recapture .
If the painting is moved abroad and goes underground for any length of time, then domestic police forces will only have limited time and resources to devote to its recapture .
Re-reading it 35 years later, it's not difficult to recapture that excitement.
Democrats might recapture both the House and the Senate
It is particularly popular with ‘born-again’ bikers - older motorcyclists who buy high-powered machines in a bid to recapture the thrills of their youth.
This large-scale, sophisticated operation collapsed the opposition defenses within a week, resulting in the recapture of the region.
The capital city of Agana was bombed heavily during the recapture of the island from the Japanese, and had to be completely rebuilt.
Hitler ordered fifty of them shot upon recapture as a deterrent to other POWs.
The city had been under insurgent control since April and its recapture was seen as essential to organizing the promised January elections.
Like other collectors I am also trying to recapture the feelings of childhood.