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recapitulation / резюме, рекапитуляция, краткое повторение
имя существительное
resume, summary, abstract, brief, synopsis, recapitulation
recapitulation, recap
краткое повторение
recapitulation, recap
имя существительное
an act or instance of summarizing and restating the main points of something.
his recapitulation of the argument
Again, Mendelssohn saw the concerto form as a field for experiment and his idea of continuing the soloist's cadenza figuration in the first movement over the recapitulation in the orchestra was later hailed by Ravel as a masterstroke.
This essay, like much of the book, is derivative, little more than a recapitulation of facts better explored by literary scholars.
In 1904, he published a book on adolescence, advocating a new theory of child development based on evolutionary recapitulation .
Chapter 5 presents my theory, which avoids the recapitulation of Western gender roles and heterosexism inherent in many theories of attraction like Bem's.
In the first movement, after the first statement in the exposition, there is a passage of five block chords that crops up again a few minutes later in the recapitulation with a shift in the harmonization at the end.
For those who have forgotten, here is a recapitulation of the crime.
Frank Brennan draws his lecture to a close with a recapitulation of his main points.
his recapitulation of the argument
The candidate concluded his recitation with an abbreviated recapitulation of the subdivisions of the five principal topics.
In the Appendices we include a brief recapitulation of the methods used for these measurements.