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recapitalize / рекапитализировать
provide (a business) with more capital, especially by replacing debt with stock.
And I do believe that the Fed is confident (especially after the early 1990s experience) that any banking system problem can be resolved by recapitalizing the industry (either directly or through cheap borrowings).
He had said that the government would no longer provide financial assistance to recapitalize the remaining A category banks because the government did not have the financial resources.
a plan to recapitalize the state-owned airline
Authorities are starting to recapitalize banks and professionalize credit operations, but it's a slow process - and the banks keep lending.
Instead of privatizing its state banks and financial firms, Beijing has decided to recapitalize them.
Moreover, important steps were taken to recapitalize the banking system.
We have to recapitalize this company, and there are various methods we can use.
And he said they had launched a programme that would help mobilise finances and recapitalise the company.
A private guarantor would do this by identifying and forcing the recapitalization of troubled institutions as soon as they weaken.
He said in an interview that the greatest challenge that the company was currently facing was inadequate funds to recapitalise its operations.
The banks were all recapitalized by the government as a bail-out program to help rescue the banking sector crippled by the 1997-1998 financial crisis.