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recant / отрекаться, отказываться от своего мнения
renounce, repudiate, deny, retract, disown, recant
отказываться от своего мнения
say that one no longer holds an opinion or belief, especially one considered heretical.
heretics were burned if they would not recant
heretics were burned if they would not recant
He is getting crosser and crosser with Sir John for failing to recant .
This woman received over 100 phone calls a day, urging her to recant .
Given the choice to recant , martyrs chose instead to face their murderers and stand in witness to their beliefs.
Galileo Galilei, the most prominent of these, was jailed and forced to recant that the earth revolved around the sun.
heretics were burned if they would not recant
So far he has failed to recant on his support for the war, despite the absence of those weapons.
If they had any sense of decency they would recant and resign.
It is possible that at the approach of senescence he may recant , forgive his enemies, make his peace with the world and become a benevolent father to his nation.
And I don't think he has worked with her, ever, so I recant what I said before.