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recalcitrant / непокорный, упорный, упорствующий в неподчинении
имя прилагательное
disobedient, unruly, recalcitrant, insubordinate, unsubmissive, intractable
persistent, stubborn, hard, refractory, rebellious, recalcitrant
упорствующий в неподчинении
имя существительное
непокорный человек
insubordinate, recalcitrant
имя прилагательное
having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline.
a class of recalcitrant fifteen-year-olds
имя существительное
a person with an obstinately uncooperative attitude.
By using ‘enhanced co-operation’, the regime can be standardised in most of the EU, bypassing recalcitrants such as the Irish Republic, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia and Britain.
When the House Republican leadership on occasion has given him a list of recalcitrant members to rope in on a specific bill, he never has delivered.
How else to explain the chronic neglect of a program that effectively fights some of our most pernicious and recalcitrant social problems?
Residents' associations should be authorised to fine recalcitrant drivers who do not turn up at fixed timings.
For the recalcitrant , reformers might propose a variety of modest steps.
The code of ethics falls short of the expectations of many because there are no clear-cut penalties stated for recalcitrant legislators.
The Commissioner's powers to approve, audit and discipline recalcitrant players are uncertain in the Bill.
At the same time, he did not mind appealing to the council to discipline recalcitrant citizens who played tennis in the town square while he was preaching on Sunday.
She has compared recalcitrant education officials to children who need to be disciplined.
Not only was he not powerful enough to take on the French army in a heavily-defended city, but he had only just succeeded in stamping his authority on his own recalcitrant barons.
He was often handed the difficult and recalcitrant patients by his bosses and he hadn't failed one yet.