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rebuttal / опровержение
имя существительное
refutation, denial, rebuttal, disproof, contradiction, confutation
The claimant would wish to call several witnesses, including Professor Keane, in rebuttal .
It was not sufficient, by way of rebuttal of the perjury charge, to identify some other possible explanation for Mr Sage's evidence.
The ease of publishing on the Net is such that if someone posts something obviously erroneous, someone else can easily post a rebuttal , refutation, or correction.
After the defence rests, prosecutors will begin a rebuttal and Jackson's attorneys will then be given an opportunity to respond.
The prosecution has called several rebuttal witnesses to the stand to testify about the way in which evidence was collected.
The defendant cannot fetter the scope of the plaintiff's evidence in rebuttal of the charge…
The jury was expected to get the case sometime later the day, after the end of the plaintiff's argument and a rebuttal by the senior deputy district attorney.
Prosecutor will reportedly call eight rebuttal witnesses tomorrow.
In another unusual move, although not unprecedented, the prosecution offered no rebuttal to the defense testimony.
Prosecutors will begin a rebuttal this afternoon, and Jackson's attorneys will then be given an opportunity to respond.