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rebuke / упрек, выговор, укор
имя существительное
reproach, rebuke, reproof, twit, blame, admonition
rebuke, reprimand, pronunciation, scolding, reproof, demerit
reproach, rebuke, reproof, odium
reproach, rebuke, chide, reprove, throw up, twit
reproach, rebuke, upbraid
делать выговор
reprimand, admonish, reprove, rebuke, tax, reprehend
имя существительное
an expression of sharp disapproval or criticism.
he hadn't meant it as a rebuke, but Neil flinched
express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behavior or actions.
she had rebuked him for drinking too much
I've delivered her a stern rebuke and promised I'll be back to conduct regular inspections.
He had more expected a sharp rebuke for sleeping late, maybe even a none-too-gentle reminder in the form of a hand to his backside.
This rebuke flew in the face of Hamilton's express words in his Report.
I opened my mouth for a sharp rebuke but just then the waitress appeared, bringing our plates of burgers and fries.
God will often use men to offer a verbal rebuke through prophecy or admonishment before disciplining us.
His declaration is the first time a sitting Conservative MP has advocated a complete break with the EU and is sure to provoke a sharp rebuke from party whips.
Chelsea flushes at the mild rebuke , though she knows it's only the truth.
Indeed the Academy issued a rare rebuke of the studio for its campaign.
He also delivered a sharp rebuke to those who argued against the day on profit grounds.
I tried to explain my doubtless feeble joke, but my critic was having none of it, delivering her rebuke and, having had her stern say, ringing off.