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rebound / отскок, рикошет, отдача
имя существительное
rebound, bounce, recoil, bound
ricochet, rebound
return, recoil, output, efficiency, kickback, rebound
bounce, rebound, recoil, carom, fly off, bound
roll, rebound
имя существительное
(in sporting contexts) a ball or shot that bounces back after striking a hard surface.
he blasted the rebound into the net
bounce back through the air after hitting a hard surface or object.
his shot hammered into the post and rebounded across the goal
give a new binding to (a book).
The sewn paper binding seems sturdy enough, but libraries will likely want to rebind the book for their collections.
Yet anyone in Jersey hoping that an economic rebound will provide fuel for yet more spending is kidding himself.
And it was the economic rebound that attracted them, not just lower interest rates, she added.
For three years they have predicted a rebound in US economic growth in the second half of the year.
Now in the news, the Fed raises a key interest rate, despite signs the economic rebound may be slowing.
Finally, critical rebound phenomena after withdrawal with a threatening pulmonary hypertension did not occur.
rebound hypertension
Findings such as hypotension and marked abdominal tenderness with guarding and rebound tenderness suggest a leaking or ruptured ectopic pregnancy.
He wondered what might have happened had Tommy Gill's shot not hit the woodwork and Paddy Dalton missed the rebound with only minutes to go.
His shot across the face of goal beat St Patrick's keeper Pat Langan only to rebound off the far post and away to safety.
On physical examination there is general tenderness to palpation with rigidity and rebound tenderness.