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rebate / скидка, уступка, шпунт
имя существительное
discount, rebate, reduction, allowance, deduction, abatement
concession, cession, rebate, transfer, acquiescence, grant
tongue, cleat, rabbet, joggle, rebate, channel
делать уступку
rebate, yield a point
делать скидку
discount, rebate, allow, abate
имя существительное
a partial refund to someone who has paid too much money for tax, rent, or a utility.
If you are on a low income you may be able to claim a rebate on your rent and council tax.
pay back (such a sum of money).
Presumably the policy contains provision for rebating the premium, if the matter does not go to trial?
The federal government agreed to rebate GST taxes paid by municipalities, netting Toronto some $50 million this year.
Some will even rebate some of their commission in the form of cashback.
The tax rebate cheques issued during the summer should also prove helpful in this regard.
a rebate joint
I half expected never to see the phone after putting it on my credit card, thus being unable to rebate anything and instead losing money.
You just will not give them the information that they need to decide whether you are entitled to a rent rebate .
you will be entitled to a 20 per cent rebate off each standard fare
That's when fund managers rebate a portion of their fees to brokerages, based on how much client money that they put and keep in the fund family.
I guess they must have great ways to make the money back from the rebate of all goods their customers buy in Hong Kong.
A North Dakota Senator has sponsored a bill that would tax profits when oil is above $40 a barrel and rebate the money to taxpayers.