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reassurance / успокаивание, подтверждение, утешение
имя существительное
confirmation, acknowledgment, verification, attestation, affirmation, reassurance
comfort, consolation, solace, relief, reassurance, refuge
имя существительное
the action of removing someone's doubts or fears.
children need reassurance and praise
Along with the spinach pancakes I also enjoyed some comfort and reassurance .
Women who have experienced such loss require considerable reassurance and support in a subsequent pregnancy.
They are given support and reassurance during their stay but, once they return home, they are on their own.
children need reassurance and praise
As a result, they feel they need relief and reassurance more than ever.
Perhaps it was for his own consolation - like pinching oneself in reassurance .
She has had trouble with her back and was tearful with relief after the comforting reassurance meted out by her principal and tutors.
I know that many people find a great deal of comfort and reassurance from their faith and I'm happy for them.
To pre-empt that process by false praise or empty reassurance is not to further the growth of the individual but to cripple it.
I had interviewed her and noted she was nervous and wanted reassurance and comfort.