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reassign / переназначить
appoint (someone) to a different job or task.
he had been reassigned to another post
he ordered the ministries to reassign the vehicles
‘By closing those offices that are no longer efficient, the ministry can instead reassign resources and energy to other matters,’ Chien said.
Get rid of wasteful overlaps in the government bureaucracy and reassign those people to useful, new jobs
Like the Republicans, he believed the president wanted the flexibility to hire, fire and reassign workers.
With the introduction of newer virtual-storage technologies, system administrators can dynamically assign, reassign , and allocate storage resources in real time.
In some cases you might even have to reassign people.
And people had to reassign me in their own minds.
The courts are saying that they've needed to reassign people to handle all the subpoena requests and have become little more than a ‘clearinghouse’.
For example, both authors use a combination of rescreening data, laboratory statistics, report accuracy, and program performance to reassign workload.
But as business turns sour, his boss threatens to reassign him.