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reassess / производить переоценку
производить переоценку
consider or assess again, especially while paying attention to new or different factors.
we have decided to reassess our timetable
we have decided to reassess our timetable
we have decided to reassess our timetable
He admitted that the trusts were reliant on the computer system and would reassess the situation in light of the problems.
Then I will reassess the options and consider playing if cricket is helping me take my life forward.
Finally, we will briefly reassess the evolutionary story in light of this information.
The Government is considering revaluing properties to reassess council tax bands with the possibility of adding in more.
I maintain that it's vital that people continue to reassess their views in the light of events and new evidence.
The physician must carefully assess and reassess every athlete with a concussion.
It is true that memories and past experiences often have to be reassessed in the light of new situations.
The ward physiotherapists reassessed him and considered him to be safe and fully recovered.