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reassemble / повторно собрать
снова собрать
assemble, gather
(of a group) gather together again.
after lunch the class reassembled
After a lunch break, we reassemble for the main event, the hypobaric chamber flight.
As we were waiting for our group to reassemble at the close of the session, a surgeon and nurse were pushing a patient into the hospital.
Is it right to take living organisms from nature and then reassemble and reconstruct their most basic structures, possibly with additional synthetic components?
We swear never to separate ourselves from the National Assembly, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the realm is drawn up and fixed upon solid foundations.
The group will be looking at ways and means to drum up support for the marathon and also organising things for next autumn when the group will reassemble .
A new airport facility will enable cyclists to disassemble and box their bikes on departure, then reassemble them on arrival and ride home.
We're not sure, but I think what we have to do is follow the terrorist groups as they try to reassemble wherever they are.
‘At least one of the classes is an armorer's school where dealers learn to disassemble, reassemble and do minor repair work on certain firearms,’ Spatharos said.
The group reassembled around the monitors once again.
They cleaned them, dated them, compared them, catalogued them, took them to bits and reassembled them, mounted them (in the curatorial sense), displayed them and swapped them.