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reasonably / разумно, достаточно, довольно
reasonably, intelligently, sensibly, rationally, well, sanely
enough, sufficiently, fairly, adequately, reasonably, pretty
quite, rather, pretty, fairly, enough, reasonably
in a fair and sensible way.
he began to talk calmly and reasonably about his future
to a moderate or acceptable degree: fairly; quite.
she played the piano reasonably well
As long as calm heads prevail, it can be reasonably hoped that tangible progress will be made in the future.
First, I think the standard of fiction can reasonably be said to be rising.
Will the human lineage survive, reasonably happily, into the far distant future?
However, expenditure in the future might reasonably have extended that useful life for a considerable period of time.
For a rock 'n' roll manager it was actually reasonably sensible.
He believed, reasonably enough, that the Journal would continue attacking him and others.
Eating out in restaurants is all the more delightful because Portuguese wines are so good and so reasonably priced.
The girl, reasonably enough, runs away from the whole stinking lot of them.
Gavin Rae took his shooting opportunity reasonably enough, but Main somehow got a hand to the ball and pulled off a remarkable save.
In fact, the only voice you might reasonably expect to rise in protest on your touching a painting or statue is that of your own conscience.