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rearrange / перестраивать, поправлять, переустраивать
rebuild, reconstruct, rearrange, reform, realign, overhaul
correct, better, mend, repair, rearrange, rectify
reorganize, rearrange
move (something) into a more acceptable position or state.
she rearranged her skirt as she sat back in her chair
The store's service was slick until it was found that the delivery driver had the wrong order and had to rearrange a new date to drop off the goods.
We will rearrange our schedule to make room for you on Monday.
Further settlement or secondary consolidation may then occur in the long term as the soil particles adjust and rearrange themselves to the applied load.
For example, if he noticed that I had dressed carelessly or improperly, he would come over and rearrange my shirt, adjust my robe and so on.
Joe ran over to the clinic to cancel his patients and rearrange his vacation schedule, and picked me up some breakfast on the way back.
Disruption is inevitably compounded by having to rearrange the team to change positions and adjust tactics, rather than make a straight swap.
Yesterday, Delaney was trying to rearrange his schedule in order to come.
He slowly willed his numb limbs to rearrange themselves into an upright position.
By touching the white boards or by using magnetic pointers teachers and pupils can alter and rearrange the information displayed.
Flopping back on his back and sighing, he gave the blanket a futile tug then attempted to rearrange himself for a more comfortable position.