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rearmost / последний, самый задний, тыльный
имя прилагательное
last, latest, latter, recent, final, rearmost
самый задний
rearmost, hindmost, backmost, sternmost
rear, back, rearmost, dorsal
имя прилагательное
furthest back.
the rearmost door
They slit the tarpaulins of the rearmost trailer and offload goods.
This is particularly the case for African Americans, whose general economic starting points have been rearmost in our society because of slavery and its long racialist aftermath.
Second row legroom is particularly good and the middle seats will take three adults in comfort, though the rearmost two are best left to the younger set.
The early rifles produced in Russia and in France were originally equipped with a finger spur extending from the rear of the trigger guard to the rearmost portion of the stock wrist.
After reaching the rearmost position, exhale and slowly return your arms to the start position under control.
Had the rearmost hoof of the filly been a few inches left or right of where it landed, then Fallon's injuries might have been much more serious and the championship would be effectively over.
He took a seat in the rearmost pew and stared straight up at the graceful geometry of the vaulted ceiling.
The rearmost row of boxes toppled from the back of the truck, crashing onto the road, and Ian glanced behind him as the thin cop shouted in surprise.
All but the rearmost portion of the slide was too hot to hold but the frame never got that warm.
The first corps to contact the enemy engaged him at once while the other corps came into action along the flanks and the rearmost corps remained reserve.