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rearm / перевооружаться, перевооружать
provide with a new supply of weapons.
his plan to rearm Germany
Their rivals generally refuse to relinquish their weapons, fearing that in a pinch the government will rearm or fight on behalf of their enemy.
After the German victories of 1940, America slowly began to rearm and to supply assistance to Britain.
his plan to rearm Germany
But one of the islands was just large enough for an airfield and a small harbor, where submarines could rearm and refuel.
The political stalemate was broken; there was near unanimity that the USA must rearm immediately.
But it gave Britain a valuable year in which to rearm .
In recent months, there has been speculation that the two groups have established ties and that one goes on the offensive when the other negotiates, essentially to rest and rearm .
his plan to rearm Germany
As if these and other excesses were not enough, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 increased the pressure to rearm severalfold, as the plan's previous targets were raised to new heights.
As noted, although the Army would want to retain heavy elements well into the future, there would eventually be a need to rearm the heavy forces with a follow-on vehicle.