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rearguard / арьергард, тыльный отряд
имя существительное
rearguard, rearward
тыльный отряд
имя существительное
the soldiers positioned at the rear of a body of troops, especially those protecting an army when it is in retreat.
It is commonly used by troops intending to hold a position against an advancing enemy, by rearguards covering a retreat, or by advanced parties while they wait to be reinforced.
Okulicki and Pelczynski thought the plan for Warsaw's underground fighters to wait until the Wehrmacht evacuated the city, and then harass its rearguard , was too passive.
the academies acted as powerful guardians of the rearguard
The commander finally withdrew his rearguard and moved the last few soldiers across the abandoned camp.
Right at the back were lines of rearguard infantrymen.
However, on August 26th, a British rearguard guarding the retreat of the bulk of the BEF did sustain 8,000 casualties at the Battle of Le Chateau.
The battalion later acted as rearguard to their brigade as it gradually withdrew from Norway.
When the army advances on the enemy, these men by custom form the vanguard and on their return the rearguard .
He is ready to give offense to both the vanguard and the rearguard of the modem Roman Church-and to many in the middle.
Roland becomes the commander of the rearguard , appointed to the post at the instance of the traitor Ganelon, who is in league with the Saracen king Marsile.
At the pass of Rencesvals, the twenty thousand Christians of the rearguard are ambushed by a vastly superior force, numbering in the hundreds of thousands.