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rear / задний, тыловой, тыльный
имя прилагательное
rear, back, posterior, hind, tail, rearward
rear, logistical, rearward, noncombatant, administrative
rear, back, rearmost, dorsal
имя существительное
rear, rearward
back, rear
ass, backside, rear, bottom, behind, bum
educate, bring up, raise, nurture, foster, rear
grow, cultivate, raise, rear, nurture, culture
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, rear
имя прилагательное
at the back.
the car's rear window
имя существительное
the back part of something, especially a building or vehicle.
the kitchen door at the rear of the house
bring up and care for (a child) until they are fully grown, especially in a particular manner or place.
he was born and reared in New York City
(of a horse or other animal) raise itself upright on its hind legs.
the horse reared in terror
The ground falls away at the rear of the property.
She checks her rear view mirrors, but she does not check the door.
A sculpture terrace in the rear completes the exhibition space.
Land which was previously an area of open space at the rear of homes in Thresher Rise and Queenborough Lane in Great Notley, is set to be used to provide up to seven allotments.
We were stunned when a messenger Jeep drove me to the rear to hear the cease-fire order read aloud.
There is off-street parking for residents in a private car parking area to the rear of the development.
Stromness Fire Brigade were called out and extinguished the fire, which caused minor damage to the doors at the rear of the building.
He often made all-night runs to the rear for parts and tires.
The execution of special operations in the enemy rear also falls within their ambit.
There is a lawn and paved patio area to the rear of the conservatory.