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reappraise / заново оценить
заново оценить
appraise or assess (something) again or in a different way.
it made me reappraise my attitudes
Keep this up for a defined period - say 12 weeks - and then reappraise the situation to decide what to continue indefinitely.
Right-minded people would have to reappraise any views of this man.
Lord Haskins goes further, and suggests that the ministry officials should reappraise their role in implementing the regulations, with perhaps more sympathy and less enthusiasm.
Does this excite your interest, activate your curiosity, lead you to reappraise the familiar; does it set in motion a process of questioning?
it made me reappraise my attitudes
Like a mass feedback system, activists continually have to reappraise the situation to engage with whatever is being protested.
And if it's not there I have to reappraise that person as ‘my friend’.
This calls for some kind of experience that leads him to reappraise his self-image and re-evaluate his self-esteem.
That hint of mortality gave him pause for thought and he admits: ‘The illness made me reappraise my life.’
It is worth recalling that in the same way the Scottish parliament has restarted the clock after nearly 400 years in abeyance, you must also reappraise the relationship between the two Crowns.