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reappoint / повторно назначать
повторно назначать
appoint (someone) once again to a position they have previously held.
He was reappointed in the same position in 2001.
He didn't appoint him or reappoint him in 2001 - Alston did.
In 2002 the same king sacked the same prime minister for failing to hold elections, only to reappoint him last year with a mandate to hold elections and open peace talks.
His views on private prisons may not have sat comfortably with the Executive but it would be very sad if they were not reappointing him because they feared his impartiality.
Interestingly, he said that even if there had been a narrow decision in favour of reappointing him, he would have continued.
Governor Easley reappointed her immediately after the election to fill a vacancy.
I don't think the President would be wise in reappointing this guy.
Or would he lose that job permanently, at least until he's reappointed to the district court and confirmed for that position?
Sessionals also face bureaucratic red tape with each reappointment , said Needham, adding that even a continuing sessional must reapply for a library card, a parking space, and an e-mail address.
Eventually he was reappointed to his post which he held until the Glorious Revolution after which he lost his office once again, this time because of his loyalty to James II.
Either it reappointed her, appearing to close down the transparency of the appointment process, or it advertised her job, apparently undermining her independence.