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reappear / снова появляться, возрождаться, снова показываться
снова появляться
reappear, recrudesce
regenerate, reappear, resurge
снова показываться
appear again.
her symptoms reappeared
Some, dare I suggest, will reappear under a different name a few years later and repeat the cycle a second or even a third time.
These beats often take a long time to appear, may fade or cease only to reappear again much later.
Half of the people linking to us never show up and other links appear, disappear and reappear at random.
His reappearance for the next campaign would be welcome as far as British interest goes.
The nurse reappears to walk us down to the theatre, all very casual, no being portered down on trolleys.
But whenever I stop taking it, the symptom reappears and again I start taking capsules.
Last November, doctors told him the cancer had reappeared , only this time it had spread and was terminal.
When the beat suddenly reappears , Wiley begins rapping at twice the speed to thrilling effect.
When the time comes for our reappearance , we will come back with our son.
The symptoms reappeared in response to the challenge but did not reappear without pantoprazole.