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reap / пожинать, жать, пожинать плоды
press, reap, harvest, cut, pinch, mow
пожинать плоды
reap, harvest
имя существительное
sheaf, reap, bottle
охапка пшеницы
cut or gather (a crop or harvest).
large numbers of men were employed to reap the harvest
This is contributing to the farming crisis, and deaths from starvation are likely to increase massively because farmers are too weak to plant or reap their crops.
many men were employed to reap the harvest
If a landowning nobility was to prosper, it was well advised to diversify out of land and reap some of the gain of financial, commercial, and industrial growth.
Indeed, both missions continue to reap benefits for us almost two years after they landed.
As gameplay progresses, you'll place your cities, have your population grow, build wonders, armies, reap the land and generally just try to survive.
the company is poised to reap the benefits of this investment
large numbers of men were employed to reap the harvest
One day, as the men are sitting around discussing what they would do if they had any money, Wang Lung says that he will buy land from which to reap harvests.
May you continue to reap all the good things that you have sown this year.
Now Darran Gardner finds one firm hoping to reap a rich harvest from the ripe market of business intelligence