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reanimate / реанимировать, оживить, оживлять
animate, liven up, liven, reanimate, renew, ginger up
animate, enliven, revive, quicken, brisk, reanimate
restore to life or consciousness; revive.
It did not pain me instead it revived, reanimated and retrieved me.
In between lies a fascinating, disturbing account of life in early 19th century Europe, the stage across which the obsessive Frankenstein wanders in search of knowledge that will allow him to reanimate the dead.
Broaden or reanimate the repertoire, one argument runs, and you will broaden and reanimate the box office too.
My client says they had both drunk too much, and afterwards he tried to reanimate the earl with mouth-to-moth resuscitation and a cardiac massage.
The Doc, our resident inventor, e-mails to say that his heart experiments are not going well, he has tried everything from a car ignition to 10,000 volts to reanimate an inert organ, but it is not responding.
You can't get two Democrats together these days without a debate breaking out over what needs to be done to rescue, resuscitate, reanimate , remake, rebrand and redeem the Democratic Party.
The ability of that medium to distort, graft, reopen and reanimate lost time permits these poems their exquisite, darkly funny dissections.
Alongside the need for patriotic resistance, the preoccupations of contemporary politics are calculated to reanimate Tory instincts.
My vision was blurry for a few moments and it was like I was trying to reanimate my body which for a few moments was also out.
They forge them, or steal them or plant false records or reanimate the dead, their papers anyway.
For you see, Rosalie has psychic powers and the ability to reanimate the dead.