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realm / область, сфера, королевство
имя существительное
region, area, field, domain, range, realm
sphere, scope, area, realm, domain, range
kingdom, realm
имя существительное
a kingdom.
the peers of the realm
the defence of the realm
the defense of the realm
this zoogeographical realm includes Africa south of the Atlas Mountains
The only avenue for a Norman legal order, common to the realm , was through a loyal judiciary.
the peers of the realm
The use of torture to elicit information is not beyond the realm of possibility.
This does postulate quite a large realm of immunity to the doctors and the social workers.
In fact, we are now in the realm of complex payment, where payment is in a foreign currency and there is a string of banks.
The defence of the realm , which is the Crown's first duty, is the paradigm of so grave a matter.
One might then be closer to the realm of saying that one is interfering with the procedures that apply.