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really / действительно, на самом деле, в самом деле
really, real, actually, indeed, truly, in reality
на самом деле
actually, really, in fact, in reality, in point of fact, as a matter of fact
в самом деле
really, indeed, actually, truly, quite, in very deed
really, so, indeed
really, indeed
in actual fact, as opposed to what is said or imagined to be true or possible.
so what really happened?
very; thoroughly.
I think she's really great
used to express interest, surprise, or doubt.
“I've been working hard.” “Really?”
Could it really be the fact or the case that we only value allies who disagree with us?
there really isn't enough food
He has often wondered why his blog is so popular but it comes down to the guy can write really well.
In actual fact, what you really see in the television studio is a blank blue screen.
If you're really good at answering questions there are now two ways you can earn money.
Anyone who imagines a perfect bureaucracy really is living in a world of fantasy.
Can this medium really have a genuine impact on the masses or is it another internet fashion?
As an aside, I'd like to ask the question: Do questions really need to be justified?
I really miss you
They have been called the best live band in Britain so often that they really ought to get it printed on stationery.