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realize / реализовать, понимать, осознавать
realize, actualize, embody, encash, negotiate
understand, see, realize, comprehend, appreciate, take
realize, recognize, perceive
become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly.
he realized his mistake at once
cause (something desired or anticipated) to happen.
our loans are helping small business realize their dreams
give actual or physical form to.
the stage designs have been beautifully realized
make (money or a profit) from a transaction.
she realized a profit of $100,000
These individuals are encouraged to realize their basest desires in the US military.
If these immigrants could succeed, it proved that anyone could realize the American Dream.
the drawings are expected to realize $500,000
The receivers proceeded to realize the assets charged by the fixed and floating charges created by the debentures.
The option's cost, known as a premium, reduces any profit you realize on the stock.
Until I went through the episode reviews, I didn't fully understand or realize the deep flaws in the writing.
His desire to realize Henry VIII's plan to subdue French influence in Scotland and achieve the union of the Crowns became an obsession.
The question is therefore for how long will these traders wait to realize profits.
For me, paintings were musical compositions without the need for musicians to realize the ideas.
If they do it quite frequently as I suspect, they will not realize any major capital gains.