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realization / реализация, осуществление, осознание
имя существительное
implementation, realization, selling
implementation, exercise, realization, fulfillment, effect, fruition
awareness, realization, perception, knowing
имя существительное
an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact.
there was a growing realization of the need to create common economic structures
the fulfillment or achievement of something desired or anticipated.
he did not live to see the realization of his dream
the action of converting an asset into cash.
There was no realisation of a capital asset, rather the payment obtained under the Joint Venture Agreement was a revenue receipt.
Here we must be talking about revolution, marked by joyous restlessness, a harmonization of ends, and a desire that pushes a vision of the human potential into realization .
The instruments the subject of the lien are delivered to the bank for collection, or for retention until maturity, which means that realization is contemplated by the parties.
Kieran whirled on Kine, suddenly furious as the realization dawned on him.
Finally, a realization of the random variables is a state of nature and is indexed by k.
I was fully prepared for the realization that she was in a committed relationship and had either forgotten me or wanted nothing to do with me.
A meaningful feature is more marked if it has no phonetic realization .
verbal sequences were produced using segmental realization
And suddenly the realization dawned on her that she needed to follow her own advice.
a perfect realization of Bartók's Second Violin Concerto on disc
a perfect realization of Bartók's Second Violin Concerto on disc