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real / реальный, настоящий, действительный
имя прилагательное
real, live, practical, tangible, workable, practicable
present, real, true, actual, genuine, veritable
valid, real, actual, active, virtual, true
имя существительное
reality, real, actuality, realness, substantiality, tangibility
reality, real, fact, validity, actuality, vigor
really, real, actually, indeed, truly, in reality
very, very much, extremely, so, highly, real
quite, at all, just, altogether, real, clear
имя прилагательное
actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.
Julius Caesar was a real person
(of a substance or thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine.
the earring was presumably real gold
complete; utter (used for emphasis).
the tour turned out to be a real disaster
adjusted for changes in the value of money; assessed by purchasing power.
real incomes had fallen by 30 percent
of fixed property (i.e., land and buildings), as distinct from personal property.
he lost nearly all of his real holdings
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of Brazil since 1994, equal to 100 centavos.
Plus, currencies in these markets have strengthened, meaning returns in Hungarian forints or Brazilian reals get a boost when rendered in dollars.
really; very.
my head hurts real bad
Real images occur when objects are placed outside the focal length of a converging lens or outside the focal length of a converging mirror.
Real property also includes many legal relationships between individuals or owners of land that are purely conceptual.
If that real value isn't there, then you should look at ways to introduce it or you shouldn't be there at all.
This is the beginning of the real and true economics of information.
There was in fact no real commitment from the Account Holder at all.
Mr Shean felt that there were very real dangers in this situation with a fragmenting relationship.
One critic has rightly described them as our real National Theatre.
If we take two real numbers and multiply them together, we get another real number.
It has come out of the real situation that I see around me, where marriages are failing.
This is true, but the real crisis in legitimacy is caused by differential abstention rates.