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reagan / рейган
ronald reagan
Reagan, at various points in his presidency, had a pretty high disapproval rating but the folks who comprised it never seemed to feel that the future of mankind depended on the defeat of Reaganism .
I'm a baby boomer myself, although I'm 10 years younger than the vanguard leaders of the 60's, and I certainly understood the tremendous frustration that we felt as Reaganism exploded across the 80's.
But I think even today conservatives take heart from Reaganism and from his forward looking conservativism very different from the conservativism of the past.
While it was obvious that Reaganism benefited the rich, the Reagan Team insisted it benefited everyone, especially the hardworking, tax-paying little guy.
Reagan was a modern exception - the product, no doubt, of his own roots as a Truman Democrat - but this aspect of Reaganism was largely abandoned by Republicans after 1989.