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ready-made / готовый, избитый, неоригинальный
имя прилагательное
ready, prepared, willing, made, ripe, ready-made
beaten, battered, hackneyed, stereotype, trite, ready-made
unoriginal, stereotyped, imitative, ready-for-service, ready-made, ready-to-wear
smart, bright, astute, cute, quick, ready-made
имя прилагательное
(especially of products such as clothes and curtains) made to a standard size or specification rather than to order.
For this cost we could have just got a standard ready-made home where our neighbours would be just five metres away.
имя существительное
a ready-made article.
on the top shelf of ready-mades is Stromboli
It's not a ready-made audience, which means people listen because they want to.
Stock your pantry and freezer with soups, meatless burgers, and ready-made pizzas for quick meals.
The preference had been for a ready-made building rather than a green-field site that could have set the operation back a number of years.
Basically, under mandatory sentencing legislation, judges and magistrates have no discretion; they merely impose the legislature's ready-made sentence.
Women could even order them ready-made from the company catalogue.
For the weight of taking ready-made food, oxygen and water to survive a 1,000 day mission by a six person crew will be 30 tons, which rises to 120 tons when water for washing is added.
Transplants are a romantic, ready-made melodrama for the sort of medicine that shows hospitals at their best, how we'd like them to be, but they are also a minute percentage of health-service operations.
The hospital - one of the leading cancer treatment centres in the country - was supplied with two types of ready-made meals for a reception vending machine, which have now had to be withdrawn.
Perhaps this was because the English had a ready-made model of settler self-governing institutions dating from English emigration to Wales and Ireland.
The main meal is now eaten in the evening and is likely to consist of frozen or ready-made food.