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readjust / подрегулировать, изменять, переделывать
change, vary, betray, alter, transform, readjust
alter, rework, remake, remodel, redo, readjust
correct, fix, mend, rectify, repair, readjust
fit, adapt, adjust, accommodate, fit in, readjust
set or adjust (something) again.
I readjusted the rear-view mirror
There's a lot of things that had changed in society that I had to readjust to.
It is very frightening for a lot of people to readjust to working.
And I knew that when he got out of prison it was going to be a very horrible, hard thing for him to readjust to society again.
It's good to be back, Maggie's thrilled, and I'll soon readjust to how dirty and smelly the city is, I suppose.
Enjoying his working life is a feeling Hamilton has been happy to readjust to.
Today, small is beautiful, because, with a little forethought in planning, our unique and precious remaining wilderness habitats can absorb and readjust to these.
Longer term, it may mean the couple's children having to readjust to having parents who are famous again.
it can take years to readjust to this situation
The findings, published in the British Medical Journal, could also help identify those who are struggling to readjust to life after such a loss, the authors said.
There is a general expectation that prices in Ireland have yet to go through a period of settling post decoupling as farmers readjust to the new regime under the single payment.