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readiness / готовность, подготовленность, находчивость
имя существительное
readiness, alacrity, willingness, preparedness, trim, promptitude
preparedness, readiness, qualification, efficiency
resourcefulness, resource, inventiveness, adroitness, readiness, quickness
имя существительное
willingness to do something.
Spain had indicated a readiness to accept his terms
the state of being fully prepared for something.
your muscles tense in readiness for action
immediacy, quickness, or promptness.
quickness of hearing and readiness of speech were essential
In the case of trusting, we not only rely on someone to do something, we rely on them with a certain attitude, for example, a readiness to feel betrayed if they let us down.
Luckily, new technology and an increased readiness on behalf of manufactures to address the problem have made things a little easier.
Their willingness to sign the interim constitution is a promising indication of a readiness to compromise for the sake of the country.
your muscles tense in readiness for action
But it is an indicator of the readiness of American politicians to play this card whenever the opportunity arises.
If these criteria are not present, a readiness to learn through a change in a nurse's professional behavior may not Occur.
A spare but rather comely man, he possessed no small sprightliness of talents, and a great readiness of speech.
Nor did the Chinese leadership indicate a readiness to open talks with the President.
It may be that this indicates a greater readiness on the part of the courts to mitigate the lack of legislation on the treatment of incapacitated patients.
We present our implementation or realization of interactive multimedia educational software to develop readiness of speech for helping the therapy within the frame of scientific works.