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readership / читатели, круг читателей, читательская масса
имя существительное
круг читателей
читательская масса
имя существительное
the readers of a newspaper, magazine, or book regarded collectively.
it has a readership of 100 million
the position of Reader at a university.
By the time she published her next book, she had a Readership ; a chair followed a few years later.
Much of this has to do with the growth of rural readership and circulation in Hindi newspapers.
The magazine claims a readership of 20,000, which means it probably sells about half that.
Their emphasis is on practice not theory, and the intended readership is made very clear.
it has a readership of 100 million
Newspaper readership information is collated by the National Readership Survey.
A newspaper with an elderly readership can see its circulation dying off with its readers.
the magazine has a readership of just 65,000
This is not just a result of the preferences of a mass readership , who happily pick up stories but seldom read poems.
As readership grows, so does the competition, but pioneers are not used to worrying.
It is a pleasure to edit a magazine with such an intelligent and engaged readership .