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reader / читатель, считыватель, чтец
имя существительное
reader, reciter, lector, elocutionist
имя существительное
a person who reads or who is fond of reading.
the books of Roald Dahl appeal to young readers
a person who inspects and records the figure indicated on a measuring instrument.
a meter reader
a book containing extracts of a particular author's work or passages of text designed to give learners of a language practice in reading.
You can, however, fit a few dozen large textbooks into a book reader the size of one paperback-a boon for medical students, for instance.
a university lecturer of the highest grade below professor.
He was a Visiting Fellow with the Centre for Development Studies at Thiruvanathapuram, before moving over to the Postgraduate Centre of the University of Madras in Tiruchi as a Reader in Economics.
a machine for producing on a screen a magnified, readable image of any desired part of a microfiche or microfilm.
In the recorder's office, members of the public were studying computer screens and microfiche readers .
he's an avid reader of novels
The reader generates an image of the inserted finger and compares it against a pre-programmed memory of authorized prints.
Over the years, Gayla worked for the power company as a truck driver and a meter reader , while her husband, Dave, was a labor union representative.
she's an avid reader
The color intensity was measured with a microtiter plate reader .
The infrastructure is all there to do that: software on the reader and a communications system between the readers and some central point.
She claimed that Hamlet was an early favourite - its gory ending appealing to the young reader .
This can be done with one set of instruments and one instrument reader or, as suggested above, with two instrument readers using two sets of instruments.
And you said no one ever recognizes you, that you're a meter reader .
I wouldn't exactly say that I am an avid reader of poetry, but I do read it, irregularly.