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readdress / переадресовывать
change the address written or printed on (a letter or parcel).
She tapes the envelope back together and readdresses it.
look at or attend to (an issue or problem) once again.
Through fantasy play, children can readdress these issues in activities with other children.
If I wanted to carry on any kind of career, I had to readdress my life in some ways.
It is also important to readdress these issues periodically.
Farmers will certainly have to readdress their production levels for the future in the context of decoupling.
I suggest that this is an appropriate time to readdress some of those issues and some of the cost.
Indeed, he went further, to say that he sees the need to readdress some of these issues.
Mayor Vickie Petersen said the council had the right to readdress issues if a vote was lost.
Take it out of that system and dress it up as art and it you re-empower it with true meaning and readdress the full horror of the original.
If we want to reverse the situation we shall have to readdress ourselves whoever we are and wherever we may be.
If they are serious about securing a European place next season then they will have to readdress this issue urgently.
They have leaked 24 goals and scored just 10 in just 11 games and unless the former Welsh coach can readdress these problems soon then a long hard season lies in store.