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readable / удобочитаемый, четкий, хорошо написанный
имя прилагательное
readable, precise, crisp, legible, concise, neat
хорошо написанный
имя прилагательное
able to be read or deciphered; legible.
My only issue is how to get readable text over the stripes - none of the colours I've tried show up well enough.
(of data or a storage medium or device) capable of being processed or interpreted by a computer or other electronic device.
As a consequence, the text is more readable than most encyclopedic treatments.
The text is eminently readable and supported by detailed citations and a voluminous index.
Barring a few spelling mistakes, the book is readable and understandable.
Once most books are readable over the Internet, however, what will happen with the form?
Which is why, no doubt, the most readable biographies have invariably been works of great scholarship as well.
As a result, the text is readable and useful as a source for practitioners as well as teachers and students.
Can you come out with some easily readable booklets which the young as well as not so young can read with interest?
Every page is compulsively readable , and usually says something very funny, even if it happens to be wrong.
This accomplished and supremely readable book commands our sympathy and evokes a regret for what might have been.
Thus, every effort will be made to publish timely and highly readable essays.