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reactor / реактор, дроссель, стабилизатор
имя существительное
reactor, reactance
throttle, choke, reactor
stabilizer, fin, balancer, stabilizator, reactor, vane
имя существительное
an apparatus or structure in which fissile material can be made to undergo a controlled, self-sustaining nuclear reaction with the consequent release of energy.
The difference between an atomic bomb and a nuclear reactor is in the speed and control of the release of energy.
a person who shows an immune response to a specific antigen or an adverse reaction to a drug or other substance.
There is an urgent need to redefine the criteria for revaccination in abortive reactors who show preliminary response stages but do not develop a scar.
a coil or other component that provides reactance in a circuit.
A colony on the moon almost certainly would require an atomic reactor for power.
The downside is that all the criteria needed to build a fusion reactor are rather difficult to achieve simultaneously.
Solar receivers absorb this concentrated solar radiation and deliver it, in the form of high-temperature heat, to a chemical reactor wherein an endothermic reaction results in the production of solar fuels.
I once worked in the control room of an atomic reactor .
However, as is well known, the reactor began to shut down spontaneously within a few hours.
The plant's reactor No.1 was originally scheduled to go online in July 2004.
And they have reactivated a mothballed nuclear reactor that can produce weapons-grade plutonium.
I think we have more chance of turning it into a light-water fusion reactor .
The organ was placed in a Teflon bag that neutrons can pass through and taken to a research reactor nearby, where it was irradiated with neutrons.
Fossil fuel burning plants could simply place a serpentine reactor as the last component of their emissions clean up and sequester carbon on site.