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reactive / реактивный, реагирующий, дающий реакцию
имя прилагательное
reactive, jet, rocket, reaction, idle, missile
reactive, respondent
дающий реакцию
имя прилагательное
showing a response to a stimulus.
pupils are reactive to light
At other times, the president is reactive rather than proactive.
Fluorine was the most difficult halogen to isolate because it is so chemically reactive .
Since they have two electrons that they must lose, they are not quite as reactive as the alkali metals.
When we see someone in such a light as this, all our reactive attitudes tend to be profoundly modified.
Individuals who have experienced severe trauma would therefore be more likely to be more reactive to pain.
This unusual reactive lesion of the gastric mucosa has only rarely been described and has been termed Russell body gastritis.
Light steering was reactive enough to inspire confidence while firm handling and suspension remained settled around S-bends and potholes.
This is a recognition that we need to be more proactive rather than reactive as we have been up to now.
Hilar lymphadenopathy with other pulmonary infiltrates is infrequent and thought to represent reactive hyperplasia.
I was a bit surprised to read the reactive / defensive response of some of my classmates.