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reaction / реакция, реагирование, противодействие
имя существительное
reaction, response, test, anticlimax, answer
opposition, counteraction, resistance, reaction, countercheck, counterwork
имя прилагательное
reactive, jet, rocket, reaction, idle, missile
имя существительное
an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.
Carrie's immediate reaction was one of relief
the work of these painters was a reaction against Fauvism
Ngugi was a professor of English literature at the University of Nairobi until the forces of reaction forced him to flee from Kenya in 1982.
And if the public has a big reaction against something, the story's going to stay for a while.
there was a strong public reaction to the news
reaction force
To find a social base for its reactionary agenda, big business is invariably forced to cultivate political reaction and cultural backwardness.
In periods of political reaction , innumerable forms of social backwardness, ignorance and stupidity come into their own.
The rise of conservative views, clubs, and newspapers is a direct reaction against being told how to think.
American politics has assumed the form of a sweeping social reaction , aimed at overturning the reformist legacy of the New Deal.
We are appreciative of the Australian government's reaction to the situation.