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react / реагировать, воздействовать, противодействовать
respond, react, answer, take
affect, manipulate, react, reverberate, take
counteract, antagonize, react, counterwork, strike a blow against, cross
respond or behave in a particular way in response to something.
he reacted angrily to the news of his dismissal
Why did the government react so violently to the report?
many babies react to soy-based formulas
The powers-that-be are scrambling to react to pressure from a dissatisfied public.
Edging down a bit from record highs, but maybe not for long, oil prices react to events in Iraq.
Just how will bond markets and stock markets react to the anticipated rise in US interest rates?
All my three daughters react differently to stress.
Direct sensing mechanisms might involve proteins or ligands that bind or react with oxygen.
Therefore you can suddenly react to a substance you may have come in contact with many times before.
Most people would react negatively to these situations and Ian was no exception.
One reason is that financial markets react quickly to policy changes.