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re-export / реэкспортировать
имя существительное
the action of re-exporting something.
Hong Kong's re-export trade was also vulnerable to any weakness in China's exports, he said.
export (imported goods), typically after they have undergone further processing or manufacture.
Irish and British prices were the lowest and this tempted outside traders into re-exporting cheap goods into high-price markets.
By 1776 Glasgow merchants imported more than half of Britain's tobacco and had lucrative re-export markets in Europe.
In addition, the re-export of dyes figures prominently in the list of 1990s exports.
The Netherlands is importing large quantities of raw pith for value addition and re-export , he said.
This was in spite of the fact that the silicon panel factory added only about 20 percent value to an imported product before re-export .
The re-export trade to Brazil, catering to consumer demand for such items as electronics, audio tapes and compact discs, designer clothing and footwear had encouraged widespread piracy.
Customs said although the weapons had been listed in the manifest as firearms, there was no re-export licence.
Increasing returns from the Australian market will reduce the margin between this and higher-value Asian markets, thereby reducing the incentive for re-export .
Imports of raw sugar to India, the world's second largest sugar producer, are likely to gallop up to three million tonne over the next year for re-export after refining, analysts said on Saturday.
Bangladesh is keen to purchase Thai products for both domestic consumption and re-export to third countries.
Manufacturing industry includes clothing and the assembly of electrical components for re-export .