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re-evaluate / переоценивать
overestimate, revalue, overrate, overvalue, re-evaluate, overprize
evaluate again or differently.
fifteen patients were re-evaluated after six months
I began to re-evaluate my life
I began to re-evaluate my life
Christmas too has been a damp squib for the merchants and businesses as people rethink and re-evaluate their priorities.
That begins a chain of events that leads him to re-evaluate his life and beliefs.
So it's inevitable that a critical re-evaluation will happen at some point, but the reason youngsters like the new films is because children have tinier brains and are more easily amused.
Tom Leonard's version of Uncle Vanya has made some careful incisions and linguistic re-evaluations that quicken the pace of Chekhov's great play.
The intelligence service was criticised for not re-evaluating its assessments in the light of Mr Blix's reports.
She will be medically re-evaluated during the coming months, and if she improves, that payment may be reduced, the spokesman said.
It is a good example of how the students are re-evaluating traditional objects and making them contemporary.
The nature of its work dictates that the A & E department will always have an unpredictable workload but Mr Hill said streamlining the hospital's systems and re-evaluating practices would help the process of trying to achieve targets.