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re-enter / возвращаться
return, come back, go back, get back, revert, re-enter
enter (something) again.
women who wish to re-enter the labor market
women who wish to re-enter the labour market
He refused to do so and insisted that he wished to re-enter the house.
women who wish to re-enter the labor market
There's the anticipation of the new school year, what the French call la rentrée: quite literally, the re-entrance into the kind of routine that summer so expertly ignores.
If a person fails to comply with such a direction or complies but then re-enters the land within three months, an offence is committed which is punishable by a fine.
More than 20 years before yesterday's tragedy Nasa staff feared that the shuttle would be destroyed while re-entering the atmosphere.
I didn't mean to have such a dramatic re-entrance to Camp Casey, but the huge portrait of Casey really surprised me.
A few moments on, and she re-enters the room; I hear her moving about behind my head, and then her hands are on me.
Standard Life has also re-entered the Indian life assurance market after a 40-year gap.
Mr Taylor first grabbed Mr Ormes to prevent him from re-entering the house.