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re-enact / повторно устанавливать в законодательном порядке
act out (a past event).
bombers were gathered together to re-enact the historic first air attack
bring (a law) into effect again when the original statute has been repealed.
Further, many significant English statutes affecting private law were re-enacted here, producing local uniformity and access to a body of valuable English decisions construing those statutes.
Every year they re-enact the death of the legendary vampire Zorbeskel, who plagued the cobblestoned streets of vieux Lyon back in the days when it was Nouveau Lyon.
They playfully re-enact events and change details to match personal needs and desires.
Numerous small theatres throughout Salem re-enact episodes from the witch trial hysteria while waxwork displays in creepy dungeons capture the key moments.
We have to re-enact the event the way it happened.
Some legal experts believe that South Africa currently has no electoral law, since it expired after the last election, and that new legislation would first have to be adopted, or Parliament would have to re-enact the original law.
The clocks were turned back exactly 150 years in historic Haworth to re-enact the wedding of one of Britain's favourite classical authors.
Noren implies that, on both the familial and political level, we are doomed to re-enact the past.
bombers were gathered together to re-enact the historic first air attack
Its roots lie in ‘living history’, that hobby indulged in by thousands who dress up as Roundheads, Cavaliers and all the rest to re-enact bloody episodes from our history.
When a local television crew came to the home to refilm the incident, the toddler somehow managed to re-enact the accident with unerring accuracy.