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re-cover / снова покрывать, снова перекрывать
снова покрывать
снова перекрывать
put a new cover or covering on.
the cost of re-covering the armchair
return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.
Neil is still recovering from shock
find or regain possession of (something stolen or lost).
police recovered a stolen video
имя существительное
a defined position of a firearm forming part of a military drill.
bring the firelock to the recover
I'm now going to head downstairs and re-cover the sofa, wash up the pots and make a drink before retiring to my room to continue devouring this book.
Friends tell me it is cheaper to buy a new sofa than to re-cover my trusted old one.
Because the systems are lightweight, they can be used to re-cover roofs when the structural system cannot hold added weight.
‘Some furniture I've re-covered a second time around,’ he said.
Treated roots were re-covered with soil and left for 21 months.
The snooker tables have been re-covered and are available for use by adult members of the club.
Both men then re-covered their meals with foil and ignored me.
The upholstered pieces have been re-covered in fabric Ruhlmann originally designed for the textile manufacturer Prelle et Compagnie, which still operates in Lyon, France.
If your furniture is in good condition on the inside but looks a bit tired, just have it re-covered .
The roof of the former four-storey spinning mill, which faces the railway line, is being stripped and re-covered in Welsh slate to stop it leaking in bad weather.