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re-collect / вспоминать, припоминать, вновь собрать
remember, recall, recollect, think, reminisce
remember, recollect
вновь собрать
имя существительное
memory, recollection, flashback, remembrance, reminiscence, remember
collect or gather again.
after re-collecting our apples for the second time, Bruno brought us a couple of nice sturdy sacks
remember (something); call to mind.
he could not quite recollect the reason
The marine animals that we're interested in are those that are stationary and occur on the sea-bed, so that we have a good possibility of being able to go back and re-collect more if we need to.
Only avant-garde practice that turns its back against the established collections of good taste can take up and re-collect the discarded.
In the short run, it is neither possible nor necessary to re-collect most of the fossil record.
Forty-five species represented by herbarium specimens or reported in the literature as occurring in Pike County were not re-collected during this study.
But he has focused on his Vietnam years almost exclusively, and waved his thrown and apparently re-collected medals around like a magic talisman to ward off all criticisms.
When I took the still-broken appliances back and the owners didn't want them I re-collected them to keep in my room.
It had been put there by Roman collectors, to them already up to 600 years old, then re-collected by a rich Dane 2,000 years later.
Much of this material could never be re-collected because it has come from members of seed-collection organizations who have since passed away and from areas in countries that are now involved in civil strife.