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re-assemble / повторно собрать
(of a group) gather together again.
after lunch the class reassembled
In the domes every glazing bar has been numbered, carefully dismantled, repaired and reassembled .
Suddenly the school bell rings and the class reassembles 20 minutes later.
The uproar again started when the House reassembled .
He went on to explain that not only were there plenty of them, with an endless variety of forms and materials, but that they didn't decay so much as fall apart, which was great for reassembling .
When the group eventually reassembled on the boat, we saw large vortices at the surface, some resembling giant whirlpools.
‘At least one of the classes is an armorer's school where dealers learn to disassemble, reassemble and do minor repair work on certain firearms,’ Spatharos said.
Nelson has digested, reassembled , and constructed a remarkable amount of material to render Harlem Gallery into a text that is newly accessible.
The mild drum & bass mix gives a sense of fracturing and reassembling , but not to the point where it's disconcerting.
Isolate the high-level processes by which she maps complex input and reassembles responses.
Daniel Libeskind says that the design is ‘fundamentally based on the contemporary world shattered into fragments and reassembled as an emblem of conflict’.