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razzle-dazzle / суматоха, кутеж, попойка
имя существительное
turmoil, bustle, ado, flurry, clutter, razzle-dazzle
binge, spree, debauchery, rant, randan, razzle-dazzle
buster, booze, revelry, blinder, bender, razzle-dazzle
имя существительное
noisy, showy, and exciting activity and display designed to attract and impress.
myth, legend, and razzle-dazzle all rolled into one show
Excellence here does not equate with contemporary razzle-dazzle .
Bibby does not have Jason Williams' razzle-dazzle , but he can play within the style of Webber and the Kings, probably better than he ever has.
He put what Stan Isaacs calls razzle-dazzle into his shows and there's no mistaking the fact that Chicago is piled high with it.
His was a poetic, charismatic, almost balletic Hickey - until the final, painful scene, all lyricism, laughs, and razzle-dazzle .
myth, legend, and razzle-dazzle all rolled into one critic-proof show
hyped-up, razzle-dazzle gimmicks of quick-sell advertising
myth, legend, and razzle-dazzle all rolled into one show
I loved its witty takes on classic California architecture, from Condor Flats to the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood Boulevard.
California fitness sensation Jenny Lynn shows you how to add razzle-dazzle to your chest routine
Enron could bilk investors because, despite the razzle-dazzle , nobody outside the company could figure out Enron's game.